The 90 Days of Business Hustle is Now Closed
Starting a business is easy. 
Shockingly so—in fact, for 10 years of my life, I started business after business. 

I’d get a web domain and a business card and tell my family about my latest half-baked idea over a Thanksgiving turkey. They’d nod their heads politely, and ask me to pass the salt.

Today, I still start businesses. But now, I’m actually creating successful, profit-producing businesses. I’ve written New York Times Bestselling books, spoken at conferences across the world, and started multiple online businesses that provide for my family.

What made the difference? 

Did I just magically start having better ideas? 

Did I learn how to survive on 30 minutes of sleep and a protein bar every day? 

Or did I just get lucky?

Becoming a High Impact Leader
When I burned out years ago, I had tunnel vision. I thought I needed to put more time and effort to accomplish more. I was sort of right, but mostly wrong, and stubborn enough to stick with a broken system. 

Because it turns out I didn’t have an ambition problem, and I didn’t have a work ethic problem. I had a leadership problem.

I had to find my way to health as a leader—without sacrificing the goals that God had given me. And that meant a long season of prayer, reading, and seeking counsel, where I slowly learned the key steps to becoming a high impact leader. 

I realized I’d spent so much time trying to fit more hours into my day. I was mad and angry that I only had 24 hours… It didn’t seem like nearly enough. I didn’t want to accept the limits God gave me. 

But then I learned more impact didn’t have to mean more hours.

I realized the time problem I had wasn’t really about the number of hours I had in a day. It was about how I was investing the hours I had. 

I needed to learn how to be efficient in my work life. I needed to become a high impact leader.

Introducing the 90 Days of Business Hustle Course
  • The reality was, there wasn’t just one piece of information I needed to turn my failed businesses into successful ones. There wasn’t a magic bullet. And it wasn’t about sacrificing the health of my family for my dreams. What I needed, more than anything else, was clarity. I needed clarity about what steps to take in order to get my business to the next level. And I needed clarity about how to invest my time. I needed to learn:
  •  How to get my head around the numbers that are my business, once and for all
  •  The little-known strategy for developing actually loyal social media followers 
  •  The secret power of email marketing (and how to start leveraging it this Monday) 
  •  Why launching a product is no longer a mystery 
  •  The biggest doubts entrepreneurs face (and how to crush them) 
  •  How to receive critical feedback (and when to tune it out) 
  •  Why selling is the most loving thing you can do 
  •  How to dream with your spouse & family 
  • I can’t make you rich overnight.
  • I can’t solve all of your business problems in a single hour of your time.
  •  I can’t make your dream of selling tiny burritos to adorable hamsters a profitable reality.
  •  But I can, in 90 days, help you hone something you love so much you’d do it for free and then get so good at it that people pay you lots of money to do it.

Here's what people are saying...
"I have fully enjoyed the 90DOBH. This series and Jon have been fantastic in growing my entrepreneurial side. Using the coursework and Jon's prompting I have already become profitable before the end of the course. I secured several speaking engagements and business clients I never imagined. Being able to walk through this transition with some guidance and fellow entrepreneurs has been invaluable. Looking forward to many great years in this space."
Eric Eaton
Author of The Raging Sloth: An Upside-Down Blueprint to Bust Your Limits, Build Your Purpose, and Balance Your Life
"I absolutely loved being part of the 90 Days of Business Hustle!
I signed up for the 90DOH because it was Jon who inspired me to start the business. I figured I would gain something from the course and I ended up gaining not only the wisdom and knowledge of making great changes to my business, I was able to gain a few contracts in the process! My business is flourishing and I couldn't be happier."
Andrew Lightfoot
Owner of  Matchstick Websites
 “90 Days of Business Hustle grew the revenue of my small business 6x that of the previous year, more than doubled my social media reach, greatly expanded my client base, extended my busy season significantly, and helped a lot of horses along the way.  I won a prestigious grant, was offered a teaching role in my field of expertise, and am currently exploring select distributorship and sponsorship opportunities. I can’t wait to see what’s next!"
Valerie Pierzina
Master Equine Massage Therapist and Instructor at Grains & Manes Farm
The 90 Days of Business Hustle
Find the access level that's right for you.
This is the perfect level for the busy entrepreneur with limited margin in this season of life.
  • 80 page PDF workbook with dozens of activities. 
  • 30 videos with tips and tricks from Jon 
  • Checklist to track progress as you go through the course. 
  • 30 emails to keep you on track   
What you get...
Everything in CONTENT ACCESS plus...
  • Private Facebook Group with other entrepreneurs.  
  • Three 1-hour coaching webinars with Jon 
  • Access to a private Periscope account for direct inspiration and motivation from Jon 
  • "Make it through the middle" bonus video   
  • "12 Ways to Deal with Haters" bonus PDF
  • 30 Days of Hustle video challenge
*Only available to US residents
One-On-One with Jon Acuff Level (Everything in the Content and Coaching Levels plus the following).  
  • One 30-minute, one-on-one coaching call with Jon Acuff
  • 8 scheduled Ask-Me-Anything Facebook Live sessions 
  • All-access Q&A webinar
  • Massive Finish 2018 wall calendar*
  • More surprises than we can possibly include here!  
*Only available to US residents
Here's what people are saying...
"The 90 Days of Business Hustle course is a roadmap for your business adventure. By following the clear and concise steps Jon laid out in the course, I was able to travel from confusion to clarity, from stuck to stoked, and from nervous to nailing it! Whatever the distance between where you are now and where you want to be with your business, the 90 Days of Business Hustle course will keep you from just spinning your wheels any longer."
Kerry Cox
Founder of Missional Score
"What I love most about Jon's course was the unexpected things that happened because of it. I absolutely expected my business to grow, and it did, but I also found a new confidence in myself that positively impacted my life in ways I didn't expect."
Rachel Mayo
Owner of Rachel Bee Designs
"There is no price tag on the value of being in one of Jon's courses. The community alone was worth its weight in gold, propelling me further than I thought possible and opening up an infinite amount of resources to me. The direct contact with Jon was also amazing, as his frequent live videos were so useful and full of great content. Before the Challenge I knew nothing about writing, speaking, or self-publishing a book, but as a direct result... I have acheived all three." 
David Mike
Author of Dishonor: One Soldier's Journey from Desertion to Redemption
30 Practical Sessions
 This course comes with 30 videos that comes with a challenge that will take 3 days to complete. 
More Than Ideas
The 90 Days of Business Hustle is all about figuring out what your goal is and how to actually accomplish it. 
Focused Execution
These aren't just tips or insights. These are strategies that will help you to have fun while you build your business.
100% Awesome. ZERO Risk.
No-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee...
There's a 100%, 30 day, money-back guarantee, of course. I know you'll love the content and community in the Challenge, but if you don't, you'll get a full refund!
About Jon Acuff
Jon Acuff is the New York Times Bestselling author of six books including his most recent, Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done.

Over the last 20 years, he’s helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their story, including The Home Depot, Bose, Staples, and the Dave Ramsey Team. Most recently he’s spoken to hundreds of thousands of people at conferences, colleges, companies, and churches. Featured regularly on national media, Jon has been seen on CNN, Fox News, Good Day LA, and several other key outlets.

In addition, Jon is also a big proponent of social media with blogs that have been read by 4 million people and more than 300,000 twitter followers. In 2010 he used his influence with his tribe to build two kindergartens in Vietnam. Jon lives with his wife Jenny and two daughters in Franklin, TN.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is 90 Days of Business Hustle?
The 90 Days of Business Hustle is an online course. It comes with 30 videos and a downloadable workbook which will teach you how to blow up your business without sacrificing your family, friends or sanity.
What are the differences in the 3 levels of the course? 
You can find a breakdown of the prices here
I'm this a 30 day course or a 90 day course? 
Good question! There are 30 lessons, but each lesson is designed to take 3 days, so overall it is designed to be a 90 day course.
What if I get behind? 
No worries! This is YOUR course. Go at your own pace. If it takes you 3 months, great! If it takes you twice that long, that's ok too. 
Will I get an actual workbook in the mail? 
No, you will receive a digital PDF. If you want to print it, you may certainly do so. Some people take it to Kinko's or the UPS Store and have them print and bind it.
How long will I have access to the videos? 
We want you to have plenty of time to complete the course (and refer back to the videos if you need to), but all good things must come to an end, will have one year of access to the videos, starting from the day you purchase the course.
What if I decide it's just not for me? 
We offer a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. All you do is email and ask for a refund, and she processes it and sends you a confirmation email. Done.
How much interaction will I have with Jon?
That depends on which level you purchase. The "Coaching" level is definitely the best bet if you're looking for interaction with Jon. You'll get Facebook Live Q&A sessions, private 90DOBH Periscope access, Mastermind calls, etc.
Hey my question isn't on this list...
Didn't see your question on this list? We'd love to help. Just send us a note via email at  
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