Jon Acuff's 90 Days of Business Hustle 
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Here’s a sample of the crazy amount of things we cover in the course:

1. How to differentiate your business from all your competitors. (You’re either unique or invisible.)

2. The 7 things that kill most businesses and how to beat them.

3. How to understand what you really sell. (It might not be what you think.)

4. How to build multiple streams of revenue for your business.

5. How to increase what you’re charging for your products and services. (And the surprising reason you need to.)

6. How to present your idea from the elevator to the stage.

7. Building margin for creativity into your week.

8. Creating and achieving a crazy business goal. (Make a million next year, own a mountain house in Colorado, help 10,000 orphans, hire 10 people, etc.)

9. The simple power of Facebook ads.

10. The most important parts of every product launch.

And much, much more.

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